Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer's Over

oh, summer. i will really miss you. the sun, the gentle breezes, playing in the water. the australian mermaid shows, the bats flying at dusk, the nautically-themed clothes. i was never a huge summer fan growing up (with no air-conditioning in the so cal desert - who thought that was a good idea?!) but i've come to really enjoy it now. (the air-conditioning probably helps.) so i will just say farewell and look forward to a nice fall, a short winter, and the return of spring and sun and lovely days.

and as i have absolutely nothing going on this labor day (what, no bbq? *sadface*), i will just be doing laundry and crying salty tears into my faded aqua hair whist listening to this song by Rialto.

goodbye for now, summer, and don't take too long coming back!

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