Thursday, September 5, 2013

blogtember day 3

Thursday, September 5: Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered. 

i don't really have anything specific i've learned and always remembered (if i do, i'm forgetting right now), but i do have a few little helpful tidbits to share that i find make life more enjoyable or easier.
  • always save your receipts for a little longer than you think you should.  and put them all together in a place you won't forget.  you never know if, two months from now, you'll see that same exact top on sale for 50%.  buy it and return it with the old receipt.
  • brush your teeth in the shower. if you're a hot water addict like me, you'll love an excuse to stand under the water for longer.  brush until your teeth feel smooth, and enjoy the hot water.  the last time i went to the dentist it had been about 2 years since my last cleaning and he said i was doing a great job.  
  • find little things that make you happy and do them, eat them, buy them, enjoy them, use them, make them, whatever.  it's really the little things in life that keep you sane in between the big happinesses.
  • if you are in a fight and your significant other is trying to make up, don't hold a grudge just to be right or to punish them. i admit this is a hard one for me. i also admit i  used to be a lot worse about apologizing. this is the person you chose to love and be with though, so why would you want to hurt them on purpose?
  • use google calendar (or another online calendar) to track your bills. i like that one because it has color coding and a notes section so when i pay my bill i can change the color and also put the online confirmation code into the notes, in case there's an issue later on.
  • use made up answers to online security questions.  that way, even though everyone knows that your dad's name is harry, they'll never guess that when a site asks you that question you would enter peter.
hopefully some of these are a little helpful!

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