Monday, September 9, 2013

blogtember day 5

Monday, September 9: Take this short personality test and respond to your results. (at the end, find the detailed profile of your personality account - click "click to view" under "You" and "self awareness and personal growth." You can even google your type and find more info on it!)

well i took this the other day and thought i had bookmarked the results, but i can't find them anywhere.  i seem to recall it said i was an introvert who was sensitive to others and gave too much of myself to help people because i'm so empathetic to them.

first of all, i am definitely an introvert.  i know there's a lot of social media right now talking about being introverted, and i feel a tiny bit like i'm jumping on the bandwagon, but i honestly didn't realize i was an introvert until this year.  i knew i had tendencies, but there have also been times i've been a typical leo, the center of attention, and loving it.  so i really wasn't sure where i was on the scale.  i'd taken these types of quizzes before but they never seemed totally accurate.  what i learned this year is that you can have aspects of introvert and extrovert both.  it's what typically reenergizes you that counts.  i realized that i absolutely need to have alone time to chill and recharge on a regular basis, practically daily (in addition to lots of other introvert qualities) so that part of the quiz was accurate.

what i didn't find so accurate was that i give of myself to the point of my own detriment due to being so empathetic.  the results were partly right - i *am* a really empathetic person.  but i don't really give of myself.  i found it interesting that a test can show you what kind of personality you have, but it can't tell you how you actually act.  which is influenced by life experiences.  which, i'm thinking now, is probably why most quizzes like this aren't totally accurate.  and why don't i act how the test said?  i don't give of myself too much because of my anxiety.  i've kind of had to shut down the caring part in order to take care of myself.  i just don't have any room left for anyone else.  and of course the test had all these questions about how i feel about things and what i do in situations, which were conflicting, but i guess this test had more feeling questions than action questions.

anyway, that was a whole lot of ramble to say while i didn't find this totally accurate, i did learn a few things about why i don't always fit with the answers to these types of quizzes.

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