Wednesday, September 4, 2013

blogtember day 2

Wednesday, September 4: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

oh, this would be amazing.  can i pretend i don't have anxiety and can do anything i wanted?  can i pretend i have a bunch of money too?

if, i didn't have to worry about anything, and if i had a lot of money, i'd love to spend an entire summer on the mediterranean, just yachting up and down the coast, pulling in little coves and harbors, eating fresh seafood and swimming in the sea.  oh, that would be lovely.  of course the yacht wouldn't be so little and i would want a captain and a chef, and maybe a butler, and someone to clean.. i'm thinking "overboard" here.. haha.

i would just love to be out on the water (but not so far that i can't see land!) and be able to sun and eat and dive overboard whenever i wanted.  of course, i've never been anywhere near the mediterranean, so it could be just awful, but that's not what i'm imagining.  i'm thinking very "this side of paradise,"fitzgeralds on the rivera, fine dining, and fancy living, while still enjoying the simple beauty of nature and moments.  i'd also want to take a few excursions inland to see some sights like pompeii.

actually, i lied.  i want to go to the gold coast in australia.  rent a little cottage and travel around a bit, go to the beach and inland.  the scenery there is SO beautiful.

this one is actually my desktop and i don't remember where i got it!
there's a movie that i love, "danny deckchair," and the town he ends up in (filmed in bellengin, nsw) is like a tropical stars hallow.  i just love it.  i'd like to visit there too.  might as well if i'm down under!  i'd finish my antipodean adventure with a little trip to some northern sydney beaches.

if i had to stay stateside, i wouldn't kick this mansion in corona del mar, ca out of bed.  i highly recommend clicking through to the site - this house is CRAY CRAY!  i can't even with this place.  i could stay here for three months so good.  and it's close to l.a. for prime show-going opportunities. 

i want to go to there!

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