Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In Which I Return

man, i have been remiss with keeping up this blog.  i guess that's ok, cos there's no one here but us chickens, right?  crickets?

i have had so many adventures, big and small, and a couple of misadventures since my last post in september.  long story in listicle form?
  • foo fighters show
  • broken bells show
  • horrible two-week all-of-a-sudden move (ugh, this was nearly literally the worst)
  • two (count 'em, TWO) first aid kit shows back-to-back
  • really awesome honeymoon at Disney World
  • it's the holiday season
  • NYE in DC with the mom in a fancy hotel and an old 97s show
  • a week of sick
  • valentine's in C-ville
and a couple of other things i'm sure i'm forgetting.

i wanted to at least write a year in review post featuring all of the things i just didn't write about this last year.  and then i was sick during my winter vacation, and by the time that was over, last year was so last year that the round-up/recap mood was over.

i still want to write about some of it though, and post pictures if for no other reason than i don't forget it.  so you may see that here.  all you crickets.

for now, i offer a panorama photo of the sunset at Church Hill Park on Sunday (and it was freezing, indeed):

ps. Beck just announced a C-ville show in may and yes, please!  dug out the cc tonight and charged those suckers - whee!