Thursday, May 30, 2013

so, i bought some stuff from pacifica

Pacifica Haul
Tuscan Blood Orange Take Me There Set | 2. Hawaiian Ruby Guava Take Me There Set | 3. (clockwork from top left) Malibu Lemon Blossom Solid Perfume (sample), Indian Coconut Nectar Solid Perfume (sample), California Star Jasmine Solid Perfume (sample), Waikiki Pikake Solid Perfume (sample), Brazilian Mango Grapefruit Solid Perfume (sample) , Mediterranean Fig Solid Perfume (sample)  | 4. Color Quench Lip Tint in Sugared Fig | 5. Great Face Value Collection (Limited Edition) | 6. Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream (sample)

what up, pacifica!  i have been loving on this brand since i finally picked up some of their lotion for discount at marshall's.  i started with tuscan blood orange, and this scent is so scrumptious.  i've been collecting the lotions slowly, and this spring i scored some solid perfumes for 40% off.  i've sort of been haunting the site since then and when several freebies and discounts and the stars aligned, i sent off for some goodies.  i had really wanted to try to coconut water face wipes, as well as the seafoam face wash, so when they came together with the moisturizer in a discounted package, i figured it was time to buy up.  i also had a 20% off code, a free BB cream sample code, and a free lip tint code.  i also got two free solid perfume samples, as well as free shipping, for spending $50.  i luvva me some deals!  (let's not address that i spent way too much money on goodies.  look away, look away!)  the only thing i sooort of if you can even call it regret is the free bb cream sample code, since i just got a revlon bb cream and don't really need it.  i did want to try it though, but i wouldn't have minded if the sample were something else. 

it's always so exciting to come home to a package.  i must have checked the tracking 5 times today.  ooh, and my spacehog tshirt i bought from etsy came too (will post on that later).  (in an aside, joe on "wings" just ordered a blt sandwich and that ish sounds good!  i am voracious this week!  and yes, i am watching "wings.")  i haven't used most of the products yet, but i will say the seafoam face wash smells amaaaaazing!  so coconuty, like being on a tropical beach (i imagine). i only used a pea-sized amount and that was plenty.  the moisturizer doesn't smell nearly as nice, but i needed less than a pea-size to cover my face parts.  the lip tint is a nice faintly berry color that gave my lips a healthy darkened flush. and it smelled pretty good.  if i'm a good girl i will let you know what the other products are like.  

time for mark to come home and another "wings" episode, then i hit the sack.  i'm loving that tomorrow is friday, not thursday, and we have a potluck for a co-worker's going away.  cross your fingers i don't eat my weight in hash brown casserole.