Sunday, September 1, 2013

Birthday Haul 2013

Birthday Haul 2013

birthday month has come to a close, so i guess that means it's time to stop buying stuff and calling them presents. *shameful grin*  i have a bad habit of not keeping track of monetary gifts and continuing to shop with the impression that i have money in the kitty.  so, i'm cutting myself off now, but not after one last hurrah i went on today. i got the shirts above and some bra/undies sets for my trousseau. some of these things i'm putting away to enjoy in the coming seasons (fall: boots, apple lotion; spring/summer: floral purse, nautical shirt, the pacifica stuff and the other B&BW stuff).  i'm also saving the new travis album for until after their tour comes through my nearest city... the show is in a seated theater (ugh) and since i passed up $45 tickets to sit in the front row of the balcony, that's my decision pretty much made that i'm not going.  unless some anonymous donor sends me some front row tix.  the point is, i'm putting off the listening because i know if i like it i'll get all mopey about not being able to go. 

one thing i finally did with some of my birthday money is open my first savings account.  i'm all growns up!  i always have bills and/or anticipated possible bills so when i'd get a tax return or windfall i'd hold on to the money in my checking account so it'd be available. (i've always had this idea that if you put it in a savings about you can't get to it, and i know that's not true, but it still made me uncomfortable.)  what usually happens is that i buy a little something extra here and there, pay a few bills, and before i know it the money's all gone.  so this time i did the smart thing and put it where i figuratively can't get to it.  i feel good about that and hopefully i can continue putting a bit of cash in here and there.   

and because i know you want to see photos, here is what a new 33-year-old looks like:
i may have worn my disneyland tiara all day.  yup, yup i did.  and i may have been told at bedtime that i looked like frankenstein's bride with my stripe of light hair, and requested a photo of such. and no, no i really don't have much shame.

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