Thursday, September 12, 2013

blogtember day 8

Thursday, September 12: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.

i don't feel that i've been doing this long enough or have had enough interactions to say that blogging has changed me.  and i haven't really given thought as to how social media has changed me.  i guess i am more aware of taking photos and recording things in my mind to tell later or to make little quips to be interesting. it's good in a way because it makes you look out for the little things, but in another way it's more artificial than letting it happen organically.  so it has it's mix, like all things i guess.

let's talk about pre-social media, pre-blogging, pre-online journals.  what am i talking about?  a diary.  a teen girl's diary.  i was looking for something this morning before work and i found a handful of half-full diaries from my formative years.  oh, the memories, the excitement, the humiliation.  i did a quick read through at lunch and had to keep from laughing out loud, some of my entries were so funny.  and some of my kid-mind insights were surprisingly relevant.  and lucky you, i'm going to share some snippets (original spelling and all):

"Friday, October 15, '93 -  Tomorow we're going to the beach. I hope I can play v-ball. I like the name Barky. I wouldn't mind if people called me that I guess."
wtf?  barky?  i have no idea where i got that from or why on earth i thought it sounded good.  

"Tuesday, October 26, '93 - Today I signed up for to be drug free. I got a button and a pencil."
whoo,  a button *and* a pencil? just for "to be"ing drug free?  gimme that pledge sheet!

"Monday, November 13, '93 - I keep thinking about M. I don't know if I like him. I might decide weather or not to decide to like him again."
so shrewd, right? it's like "sex and the city" or something. you make him work for it, little christine!

[talking about my "dean cain fever"] "5/10/94 - I wish "Superman" was on every single night. I want to write more so I can prove how much I like him but I'm just to tired. I'm really, really, really sorry."
haha.. i love how i felt i had to apologize to the universe via my diary for not "proving" my love for a celebrity by getting carpal tunnel syndrome. 

[on being over liking M and my current disdain for him] "Wednesday, 9, 21, 94 - May God have mercy on me that I never be that idiotic again."
oh kid, the sentiment is nice, but just you wait.

"Nov 5, 94 sat. - I like A. sometimes I'll be just hanging around and then I'll think about him and wonder why I like him. then I'll go to 6th period and everytime he looks at me I'll feel weird and like, I notice everything he does."
i mean, right?  this is pretty much every crush i ever had, and i suspect you know what i'm talking about.

i'll leave you with this last selection - it's probably my favorite one:
"Sunday, 1, 1, 1995 9:56 pm - Over winter vacation I saw Little Women. Wynona Ryder was Jo. She was so good. She is so pretty. If I could wish to have her face and she'd have a different one I would.
look out Winona - christine is coming for your face.  

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