Oh, Dinosaur! is a blog that is quirky, curious, rambling, and silly - like me! 

i write about daily life, personal reflections, and amusing occurrences, with a dash of fashion(ish) stylings and crafty times.  Oh, Dinosaur! is not a blog to take too seriously... it's basically a glimpse of the inner workings of my brain parts in equal parts diary (introspection), journal (log), and gallery (collected photos, links, other blogs, etc.). 

and who am i?  i'm christine and i live in richmond, va with my first love and husband, mark.  i'm a 30-something pseudo* graphic designer who works for a not-for-profit member service organization, a job i love.  (*graphic design is the closest description to what i do, but without the schooling, training, and high-level skill that a true graphic designer brings to the table.  but i'm learning every day.)  i grew up in southern california, live in virginia, but new mexico is my home state. in order to continue my daily existence, i need lots of yummy food, plenty of sleep, hot water, hours of daily music, bedtime reading, alone time, and access to a search engine.

tl;dr?  this infographic pretty much says it all about my favorites, my day-to-day life, and who i am:


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