Thursday, September 4, 2014

falling for boots (oh, how corny)

Fall Boots

too lazy to label. click on the image which will take you to polyvore.
(some are sold out or from random sites that link to defunct sites.)

oh, just some boots for fall that i think are delicious.  i love that pop of turquoise on the cuff of that one at the top (1), and i've been salivating over boots with that low cut out on the side for awhile.. this one with studs and a slight metallic grunge (2) are perfect. that nice little clog bootie (3) is super cute, but terribly high... it looks fabulous, but for me i'd have to go with something a little lower. the ones to the lower right of it (4) are perfect for a halloween pirate costume, no?  i've also been eyeing strappy booties like the ones at the bottom (5), and gold dr. martens(6)?  how awesome are those?  a little bit of gold gives those neutral beauties (7) a beautiful glam desert feel, perfect for summer into fall. and finally, the burgundy swedish hasbeen bootie with Victorian detailing (8) would look great with jeans or a flowing fall skirt. (klara has these in gold and they are amazing!)

but for now i will be content to adore from afar, having several pairs of boots already, some of which are rarely, or not yet even, worn.  i still have my gold swedish hasbeens sandals yet to wear (remember that aborted birthday dinner attempt), and i have these silver oxfords that i love/hate that i haven't decided yet whether to keep (although i bought them on clearance for $9).  what do we think?

Sam & Libby at Target

i'm also compiling (or in blog speak, curating) a bunch of stuff for disney world fun times!  i clipped a mickey mouse backpack to polyvore last week that is seriously blowing up - over 1,000 likes and growing by the hour.  (3 likes since i wrote this paragraph and am proofing the entry.) i only clip items that catch my eye, but it is kind of fun to see that so many people are using something you picked out.  all hail the backpack queen!

and regarding my last post bemoaning the loss of summer, i'm suddenly totally ok with fall coming/being here. i had my last day of summer on sunday (another story), and it was sad and fun and great. a really perfect end i didn't wholly expect.  the whole time i waxed nostalgic for the season and really reveled in the last few hours, but come september first i was done and done, in such an almost instantaneous way that i surprised myself a little bit.  i'm glad though; pining is no fun.

it's funny, i don't place a lot of meaning on specific days - i've gone to bed early on new year's and i would be fine eating a hamburger for thanksgiving, but my own absurd idiosyncratic made up holidays are the ones that will rule my inner harmony.  remember how my mermaid day gave me such pleasure?  i'm not sure why i'm like that, if i enjoy bucking the system or swimming against the salmon, or having something that's just mine, or if it's more special to me if it hasn't been commercialized like christmas and halloween.. who knows. just one more thing to analyze i guess.

what i do know is foo fighters has set a date and place for their RVA show!  two weeks, baby!