Tuesday, September 3, 2013

blogtember day 1

Tuesday, Sept. 3:  Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

i come from new mexico, southern california, and now virginia.  i come from painted deserts and wild mountains; sopapillas, mesas, and native american influences.  i come from camping and fishing; crystal-cold winter nights and afternoon thunderstorms.  i come from santa ana winds, palm trees, and foamy crashing waves; smoggy days and soft orange-blossom scented spring nights.  i come from weekends at the beach, sandy feet, and eating crab chowder at dusk; riding through l.a., being "with the band" and a part of "the scene."  and now i come from fireflies and chittering squirrels; endless trees and history-soaked cobblestones.  

i come from a single-parent household, the daughter of a strong single-mom who went back to school for her phd in soil chemistry, two states away from any relatives or friends, and who taught me how to fish, sing my heart out, mend clothes, play volleyball, roast a turkey, stretch a dollar, drive a stick, and take time to be silly.  

i come from over a decade of struggling with anxiety, and while i've adapted some good coping methods, i'm still learning every day. 

i also come from over a decade of a loving relationship with someone who is my best friend, who takes care of me when i need it and sometimes when i just want it, who gets the spider crickets for me, picks up take out when i'm on my way home, takes out the trash, rubs my back, and gives me ample cuddles, and who comes with parents who treat me like their own.

i'm sure there is so much more that i could mention, but those are the things that have come to mind tonight.  the big stuff.

now it's time to eat some liz lemon greek frozen yogurt and resume the newest episodes of "the league" that netflix finally put up!

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