Tuesday, July 16, 2013

coming out


happy out of the closet to me.  blog-related.  i had been slowly (sloooowly) building a backlog of posts before i went public so if anyone actually came to this here blog they would have more than like, 5 things to look at.  however, kelsi over at brighter sides offered up some fancy free ad space to lucky first responders on her twitter and i mean, that was just too good to pass up.  (thanks, kelsi!)

so here i am, world.  warts and all.  i had wanted to spruce up before anyone came over, maybe (definitely) do a little (a lot of) blog refreshing.  but i am learning and growing and someday soon i hope things will settle down in here.  i mean, it would be nice to have more than one tab up there.

also, and just so you know, my spirit animal is the sloth, so what i just said may never actually happen.  it's the thought that counts, amirite?

what i am *really* saying is that it is kelsi's fault that my unpolished blog is already public. ;)  (sloths also don't take responsibility for their actions, did you know?)  i take no responsibility for my actions!


in other news, and because honestly this is what blogs are for (no one wants to hear what you ate for dinner, is what i am learning) i have a handy tip for you.  omg i'm so crafty and resourceful, you guys!

so the other day i got into my car to go to wendy's for some luncheon (that's it about the food part, i promise), and it was all hot and groggy out.  what to do with my hair?  put it up, of course.  so i scrounge and scrounge and come up with nary a hair clip or band.  you guys, i couldn't even find a pen to do that twisty stick thing, and honestly, when an adult woman person doesn't even have a pen in her purse for pen needs, that woman has done a fail.  (and by the way, where are all my hair restrainers?  i buy them, i use them, they disappear, and then i have to buy more.  what *is* that?  is it just me?  are they escaping from me?)  so, back to the car and my hair.  a-ha! i spy a cylinder of glow stick necklaces on the passenger seat floor.  (these are the types of things i have in my car that i don't even notice anymore until my day of need).  i think i can maybe fashion something out of one, and i do.  behold:

use it like you would use a pen for pen hair, and then bend it into a circle, securing it with one of the necklace holders.  (if you don't know pen hair:  take one stick of necklace, pull your hair into a pony, wrap your hair once or twice around the necklace starting at the base of your pony, twist the necklace until your hair gets into a tight messy ball, jab one of the points into your scalp hair (or both points if it's still loose), and then bend it into a circle, etc.)

my car is kind of turning into a hoopty, so i will call this the Hoopty-Do.  awww, whaaaaat?

and... i have just given you my first style post.  and now that you understand what i have going on here and what the future most likely holds for this space...

you are welcome.

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