Wednesday, July 31, 2013

fathoms below

i've been collecting things on polyvore for the summer, things i think are beautiful and ocean-flavored and sunny.  if i could, i would get every single one of these beauties, but alas, i'm pretty sure they wouldn't accept monopoly money as legal tender.  also, most of these are sold out, oops!  (sorry if you see something you like, but the inspiration is good, yes?)  so, i gather them here like seashells, to display and dream of the seaside life that could be.  are you ready to bask?  here we go!

behold these luscious goodies i have discovered under the sea in a hidden grotto:

Sunken Treasure

Seaside Suitcase

In the Grotto
if i had to choose, i'd say i'm particularly partial to the little triangle earrings and clear seafoam necklace baubles in the first set, the coral cardigan and seaglass bag in the second, and the mermaid nightlight and coral cabinet knobs in the last set. 

anything catch your fancy?

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