Wednesday, July 17, 2013

say "NO" to the muskrat way!

my gentleman friend has his birthday tomorrow, and according to the polyvore set i made, this is what i'm getting him:

Mark's Bday

(by the way, that's just some good advice i threw in, courtesy of a birthday card mark once got me.  i say "no" to the muskrat way at least once a week (the muskrat way being mainly defined as just "bad stuff" because where else would you go with that - muskrats not celebrating birthdays is their way=bad=anything bad is the muskrat way).  it's a very useful term with which to convey your emotions when something you don't like goes down at the office.  i also say "you're killing me, larry!" - mostly to my computer - but that's a tale for another time.)

if you know me at all, and since we are probably strangers and i haven't done too many posts yet you don't, but if you did know me, you'd know i like pink floyd and house of love.  so picking from mark's amazon list wasn't too complicated because i just got him stuff i want to gank from him later on.  isn't that convenient?

the PF are books and the HOL are albums (he likes a tangible album with cover art, what can i say?  half of his cd/vinyl purchases are things he already owns digitally.  that boy...) mark turned me on to both of these bands and i must say they have put out some fine, fine music.  i never really liked pink floyd as a youth - i bought into the druggie band stereotype and never gave them a chance (i was so mad when "the wall" beat out "abbey road" in a top 100 classic album contest on the radio station back home, but it turns out they *weren't* a druggie band (aside from poor syd barrett who fried his brain and had to leave the band early on), and their music is amazing.  house of love is late 80s/early 90s dreamy brit pop and they have many moments of brilliance in their well-crafted tunes.

the monkey is a mini glass figurine from pier 1 and it cost two dollars.  mark and i don't, and actually have never (except if one of us needs the other in a public situation), called each other by our first names.  we exclusively use nicknames (mostly anything that pops into our heads at the moment) and monkey is just one habitual names i call him.  (they didn't have a poodle, but that would have been sweet.)

we're meeting for lunch tomorrow at panera, and i'll give him the monkey then.  (that sounded sexual!)  like a man, he didn't give me his list until yesterday, so we have to wait 80 gagillion days for them to ship.  no presents for you!  and, since we are high-rollers and love to really get out there on the town and throw caution to the wind, we'll probably get chipotle takeout, come home, and watch "kitchen nightmares" or "man vs. wild."  we'll top the night off with some early 90s "wings" and that, my friend, is the making of an epic, epic birthday.  honestly kids, don't even try to replicate this at home because you might injure yourself if you aren't cool enough, ok?  i'm only thinking of your safety.

happy birthday, spatula-head!

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