Sunday, July 28, 2013

come on this is my adventure

so what did everyone do on friday night to start off their weekend right?  date night with the girls or significant other?  get your dance on at the club?  mosh pit at a rock concert?  gala opening at an art gallery?  most fridays i sit at home alone painting my toenails and imagining everyone else is getting their crunk on and living it up.  well not this friday, and you know why?

because i make my own fun. 

friday night was the world netflix premiere of...

now while this might *seem* like a children's show and not worthy of your time or interest, well, you're probably right.. haha.  however, if you're read my summerfest post, you know i enjoy a nice gentle pre-teen show, perfect for laid-back summer evenings.  mermaids + gorgeous scenery + australian accents = ok by me.  this new show is a "sequel" to the original H20, and if i'd have been remiss if i missed out.  

in typical christine fashion, i made a celebration out of the mundane.  and when i say celebration i mean "food."  there might have also been some dressing for the occasion and nail-painting.  take a look at my polyvore set for the deets, and then photos of the big event!

World Premiere

i called up outback steakhouse as i left work on friday for some curbside takeaway.  because mermaids eat surf and turf, duh.  and the restaurant is australian (themed - they're not fooling anyone over here, right?)  i thought about hitting up a sonic for some amazing ocean water (which is on my summerfest 2013 to-do list), but it's just too far from outback.  so i got the fixings at lunchtime to make my own.  i thought about getting something with sea-salt caramel in it for desert, but a highly respected authority on mermaids ( said mermaids would eat anything with *mer*engue in it.  it's a good thing i love lemon merengue.  set up on some of my favorite ocean-y plates, and i was set!

work clothes off, mermaid shirt on.

ready for the world premiere.
i'm not excited or anything.
looking at this is making me hungry again.
homemade ocean water recipe:
ice, sprite, 1 drop blue food dye, splash of coconut extract (to taste), and LOVE
lemon merengue pie recipe:
go to freezer section in local grocery, purchase product.

my night was fabulous and i wasn't jealous of anyone out there who might have been partaking of more conventional entertainment.  i mean honestly you see why, right?  good food, several episodes of a delightfully light and fluffy show, and some pampering a la bath and nails.  and i didn't even have to put on a bra.  here's to more nights like this!

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