Friday, July 19, 2013

workin it for tupperware

so tomorrow i'm attending my first tupperware party. actually, it's my first anything sales-related party. i'm a sales-party virgin! in almost 33 years i've managed to not have attend any social functions where stuff was shoved at you and payment requested. my co-worker who's throwing the party though is very chill and she's not too concerned with whether people buy anything. apparently there's going to be an opportunity to win stuff via an auction and we can earn points by doing stuff, like by bringing a piece of your own tupperware? well sirs, this is my lucky day because i happen to own a piece of your fine goods. it might have been my grandmothers and it might be the only piece of plastic storage i own that did not come with "disposable" on the label. it's that ugly 70s orange color and it's bulky and i love it.  and tomorrow it's going to get me 500 points biotches and then we'll see who leaves with the most tupperware!  (hint: me.)


since tomorrow is going to be eaten up by a) sleeping, b) lunch with mark, c) tupperware, and d) driving home from bfe where tupperware lives, i should be a productive beaver tonight doing all the things i won't get a chance to tomorrow. things like cleaning and laundry and mending. instead i'm rewatching "new girl" episodes and painting my toenails and straightening my hair. because i gots to look good for the lady partay! apparently. why are we women the way we are? why can't i roll up straight out of bed and throw on a tshirt like a man i ask you? and also deciding what to wear is the worst. that's why i'll probably throw this "outfit" on that i took photos of a gazillion days ago and never posted. i say "outfit" because as i might have mentioned i don't fashion things and i don't style them. i throw things on and off until the majority of my bedroom floor is covered in clothes and that is when i know my "outfit" is ready. but look at my cute floral shirt you guys!  i'm in love with it, as well as these shoes.  i wish i had bought another pair because they are flimsy and suede-y and they can only last but so long.

i'm a Rock 'N' Roll star...
princess mombi chose this librarian's head for me that day.

top:  bisou bisou  |  jeans: old navy  |  shoes:  mossimo supply co.
ring: j.c. penney (sold out online) similar

i'm working on working it. it's kind of hard when your photographer is an iphone propped on a stick-branch. it's also pretty cool how i edited all those photos to be different sizes, huh? i'll have to get checked, but i think i might be some sort of post-editing savant.  who can confirm this for me?  i'll be out tomorrow and sunday, but you can get me after work on monday.

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