Tuesday, July 30, 2013

a little after-dinner entertainment

thursday was such a nice day that mark and i took a little walk after dinner.  (it might have been a little grudgingly on my part.  i said i'd go if he took some pictures of me.. haha.)  so off we went, sauntering down the street, stopping to take photos of the scenery and such.  we live across the street from a public golf course which is a really great thing to do - i highly recommend it.  not only is it pretty, but you don't have to bother with across-the-street neighbors.  i also like it because it's not some fancy country club course, it's a course for the people!  the only downside it is that sometimes balls get hit in your direction, so you kind of have to be on the lookout as you walk so you don't get whacked in the head.

one of our windows was broken by a ball, and i'm pretty sure several windshield cracks have started because of poor skills on the golfers' parts.  we often find balls in our yard, and even just today as i drove down the street i nearly ran over a ball skipping across to someone else's yard.  but i guess possible concussion or death is a small price to pay for a nice little walk, eh?

just a flock of geese taking over the course.  "don't mind us... nothing to see here... move along!"

such a rebel.
mark just loved taking photos of me out on the street.
i had to resort to selfies.
View from in front of our house.

my dog, lucy, used to love to sniff up and down the street on the grass next to the fence.  i'm sure she would have loved to make that a full-time job.  every once in awhile she'd try to crawl under the fence post for a quick game, but i don't think they let dogs play on this particular course.  still, it's a good dog-spotting strip.. lots of people walking and enjoying the day.  i used to live in a house where nothing much happened outside, so it's nice to be where there's life going on around you, even if you're not partaking in it's pleasantries at the moment.

anyone out there have any hazards in their neighborhood?  gaping sinkholes... alligators... roving packs of wild dogs? 

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