Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summerfest 2013

when i picked up my shampoo tonight there was goo all over, and at first i thought it was leaking but then i realized i had left my shower gel top down and *it* had leaked almost all out.. oh noes! but, it's actually perfect timing because it was almost all gone anyway, and it's in perfect time for...

summer solstice 2013 "bring on the sunsheeeeeyine!" summerfest party and festival!

(which consists of me doing all the summery things that i deny myself the rest of the year, strictly in order that i may have summery things)

some seasonal things are forced on you, like egg nog, eggo's pumpkin spice waffles, girl scout cookies (and why are all my examples food?). i like that though; those things wouldn't be as special if you could just have them any old time. (sidebar: apparently egg nog used to also be a summer thing? people would have it as a treaty respite from working in the fields. well, at least the family in "Farmer Boy" did, as written by Laura Ingalls, from whom I get most of my late 19th century american historical information.) i love sniffing a certain shower gel or listening to a summery song and having it envelope me in that summer feeling. for me the feeling is nostalgic and bittersweet, for things i had and things i never had. but it's all wrapped up together and i keep it in it's summer place through sheer willpower.

here's are some of some things i have been saving for the summer:

Summerfest 2013

fyi, the shows are all on netflix, and i highly recommend them for light summertime viewing. "Legend of the Seeker" is pure silly fun, with a side of butt-kicking and surprisingly well-done fight sequences. "H2O: Just Add Water" and "Blue Water High" are teen/tween shows that aired in Australia; the former is about three girls who become mermaids (yes, please!) and the second is about a teen surfing academy. They're both light and relatively drama-free, and the scenery is absolutely fantastic. There's nothing like watching down-under wave action to get you in the summer mood.  [edit:  the only show left on netflix at the moment is "H2O."  soooo disappoint, netflix!  why you play me like that, bro?]

are there things you keep strictly as seasonal delights? what do you do to bring out the flavor in summer?

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