Saturday, January 11, 2014

10 reasons why after-new year's staycations are awesome

so, i bet most of you have been back to the daily grindstone for the past week, amirite?  well not me!  sometimes, when i'm slogging to work before and after xmas when everyone and their dog is on vacay, i have a tiny pity party that i have to drag my butt into the office when (almost) no one else is there, but then i remember all the things i love about taking my vacation after the holidays.

1. No Traffic Workdays
 while all those suckers are out shopping for presents and food, and buying booze for new year's eve, i'm *loving* the highway in it's all-natural state - clog free!  one of the reasons i was tired of l.a. was the traffic and over the years richmond has gotten way more crowded than i like.  not to mention the office is dead slow.  (which gives me plenty of time to write my yearly personal evaluation. yay.)

2. Sales

what up, 90% off christmas decorations!  how *you* doin?  i love me some good sales and i love having time to look.  i was pretty good this year, but usually i get at least one new ornament.  behold mr. sparkly sea otter.  how cute is he?  i also picked up a few clothing items that i had been eyeing all season. 

3. All Resolutions Are Postponed For One Week
dr. pepper, ima drink you until the sun goes down on my fun. because when i vacay, i vacay hard.  real life doesn't restart until i roll up into work on the 13th.  now, where's that new year's havarti i didn't finish?

4. No-Shave Pit-cation
i don't recommend googling "hairy bear" to try to find an image to illustrate a week of not shaving.

no fancy holiday parties to wear that strapless dress to, no need for those sleeveless shirts you must wear to the office because they jack the heat up to 10,000 degree, no swim suits on tropical islands... don't even lie like you don't love not shaving.

5. Throwback T.V.
because your mom is visiting and netflix has about 5 choices that will please the both of you.  i vividly remember (audio)taping an episode of magnum with my little toy tape recorder whilst enjoying fruit cocktail at about age 6.  i also had a poster of tom selleck in volleyball gear on the back of my bedroom door.  (i'm not quite sure how that came about.)  nothing says childhood like a magnum marathon.  and if i want to "rest" my eyes for a little while, i'm not too bummed out about missing anything.  (drawback - i had the theme song in my head last night when i was trying to sleep.  damn 80s synthesizers.)

6. Do Nothing Tuesdays

is pretty much what i did all day on tuesday.  i'm trying to remember if i stepped foot outside the door and i'm pretty sure no is the answer to that.  and since it was fahreezing cold, i had no problem with that whatsoever.

7. Pajamatime
you know when you get up and you have to take off your pajamas and get dressed for work?  yeah, i hate that too. this week i got to get up and put ON pajamas. (i sleep in a thin chemise, no good for polar vortex weather.)  nothing says winter staycation than getting to cuddle up in some fuzzies and a blanket on the couch.  thank you, pajamas, for being there for me during this cold, cold week.

8. Deserted Stores*
it might be an ever loving mess, but the people are gone.

i realize i already talked about the sales, but the whole shopping experience after new year's is just better all around.  since everyone else is back in the office, it's just the no-jobbers and stay-at-homes you have to share the store with.  i'm a big believer in people STAYING THE F HOME if they're sick, and that's a lot more likely to happen if it's not xmas time and people aren't feeling the xmas gift deadline looming.  most people that are out shopping the week after new years are out because they want to be, not because they have to be.  with the exception of a few barbarians who don't give a rat's ass about getting anyone else sick and can you tell that i went to a jcp and some woman in the dressing room sneezed literally 8 times in a row and we got the hell out of there?  gross.  stay at home, people
*except for on weekends.  target last sunday was like a zombie video game where every aisle contained another infected person to avoid.  gtfo.

9. No Care Hair

it's cold and i'm snug at home. i'm not going to any parties or family holiday gatherings, so i'm definitely not into sticking my head under the faucet so i can fix my daily curls. who am i trying to look good for, anyway?  i'll put a filter on it to make it look pretty for you guys, but that's about it.

10. The Tree Still Being Up Isn't Laziness, Yet

dudes. it's not time to take down the tree or decorations yet.  i'm still on my holiday.  not to mention we had to open gifts to/from my mom after new years, which totally requires the tree to be up.  in my house, we never took the tree down until a week or two, or month, after the holidays were over anyway, so i'm pretty much coming out ahead of the game anyway

alright.. the new flavor triple berry scone from panera is calling my name.  and i think i'm going to add some butter into the mix because "be healthier" doesn't start until monday.

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