Sunday, January 26, 2014

ask me about the terrifying grunt cats

so, dreams. who has wacky dreams and two thumbs? this guy! look, i get that no one really cares about anyone else's dreams.. it's not like a movie or a book.  you can't see the picture they have in their head, most of the time the thing that makes it memorable to the dreamer is not easily explained, and it usually takes place in a setting that is "my house, but not my house" or "disneyland, but *my* disneyland, the one in my dreams that i go to."  but, i really do have some doozies that i just can't not share with mark and my co-workers.

some people don't remember their dreams, some people insist they don't dream. i can't imagine not being able to remember dreams. i remember some dreams from years and years back. some dreams are nightmares, some dreams were nightmares that are now just so common that i've learned i'll live through them, some dreams are fantastical, some are full of grief or anger or sadness, some are hilarious, some are beautiful. and you know what? it's exhausting! some mornings i wake up feeling like i've been going and going all night. like jeez, can't a girl get some shut-eye already?  my brain is full of my dreams when i wake up and sometimes i just have to let it out by making some poor sad soul listen. and even though it's near impossible to be objective about a subjective topic, *i* think the dreams i choose to share are pretty wacky and/or funny.  mark and my associates agree that my brain is kind of messed up and needs to calm down during the nighttime hours. and that i should start a blog.

well, i've already started a blog, and no it's not going to turn into a dream blog, so sigh of relief for everyone. i *may* share from time to time when i am prompted by outside sources.  i have two for your perusal today.

last monday i dreamed i was tom selleck the actor, but instead i was a policeman and my junior partner was steve guttenberg. we were after some perps and for whatever reason i had to go undercover as a sexy lady and get a date with my partner, who wasn't allowed to know it was really me (tom). we went on a date to a local mexican restaurant and got the bad guys who hung out there, and then i had to tell steve i wasn't really a sexy lady who was into him and he was very disappointed that his chance at love had all been a lie. (i'm not sure how he didn't know i tom, what with that mustache and all). i told him he did a good job catching the baddies, but i don't think he was consoled. and then we went outside with the rest of the policemen who were there, and there was a rickety carnival in the parking lot and lightning kept coming down so frequently that we all had to lay flat on the ground because if we moved we'd get electrocuted. the end. what would freud make of that one?

friday night i dreamt i was dating the actor who played the older brother on e.t., and even though we had only been dating for a few weeks he invited me to go to the beach in florida with drew barrymore and henry thomas (elliot) because they hang out all the time, as movie siblings from 30 years ago do, you know. but when i get there i discover i am in love with henry thomas (what is up, 14-year-old me - how's life and do you still have his cut out photo from seventeen up on your wall - yes, yes you do) and i don't know what to do with all my feels. so drew gets this secret out of me and she's going to help me, because that's what a loving sister does for her fake brother, because he's secretly in love with me to - yay! the end. i swear i have neither watched e.t. nor legends of the fall in at least 3 years, but somehow my brain parts picked those things out of my head memory bank and put them in a magic bullet for 30 seconds or however long dreams really last and poured out a nice mixed up smoothie of love.

anyway, that might not have been interesting to read at all, and for that i am sorry. but only a little sorry because this blog is for me too, and i know when i'm sixty i'm going to read my post and laugh. and probably say "so what else is new" because i don't see this dream parade stopping anytime soon, unless i get dementia and then it will be like dreaming 24 hours a day i imagine.

i also took our new camera across the street to the golf course to capture some of the remaining snow and that is what these pictures are about.

fashion: all the stuff i'm wearing is old.. don't even try to find it.
except the tardis hat. which you can find on the internet like, anywhere.

i'm not sure, but i think i may be getting slightly crosseyed in my old age.

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