Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013, i salute you

so happy new year and all that.  i've been horribly absent on this blog (i've decided to blame end of year business and the weather/hibernation effect), but i wanted to share a few things from 2013 that i didn't ever get around to posting.  a kind of "year in review" only with brand new information. (queue phoebe gif)

cute alpaca action at pre-valentine's craft bazaar

engagement + old 97s concert = best valentine's day

sometimes i feed the seagulls at lunch.  i call them my chickens.

college beach near williamsburg and then a bovine encounter. with a rainbow back at home.
zoo visit during my birthday week. it's $2 to feed giraffes (as opposed to tens or hundreds at other zoos.)
2nd beach trip, jamestown ferry  - there was a state park with a swimming pool on the other side of the river. 
all i'd wanted all summer was to go swimming in a pool.
shins show, giraffe dog, mermaid hair, limberlost (see "freckles"), dried up frog i found under some towels on my clothes dryer, hideous australia platter i liked *almost* enough to get.
champers and risk, shopping center great blue heron, receiving the new spacehog album in the mail,
ahmazing bananas foster crepe, tardis hat in the rain.

alrighty, peeps.  have a happy new year! ima peace out and...

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