Tuesday, October 29, 2013

out in california

mark got some great news today and i'm so excited to share it.  i don't know if i've mentioned, but when mark isn't at his day (afternoon to night) job, he's in musician mode.  i think i did mention that he's been in a few bands, some in l.a. and some here.  he's constantly working in his studio in our house, creating projects and writing and recording.  it's always good when hard work pays off, and i'm happy to say that one of his songs was picked up to be in a tv show next week.

who's that girl guy, who's that girl guy, it's jess mark!

"out in california," from one of mark's band's self-titled album, "edison gower," is going to be on new girl next week!  we won't know how it's used until we watch the show, but it's in there and he's gettin' some straight cash dollars! i *think* mark wrote this during the year we were apart, him having moved back to richmond before i was able to come out almost a year later.  there's a girl in the song i like to think is me - mark says she's more of an idea, but she could be me if i wanted.. haha.  it's definitely one of my favorites.. it reminds me of the desert and the time.. it makes me miss california.  the only thing i wish is that he had sung it for the record (the other guy, jake, sang it), but he is on the harmonies and the "middle 8."

anyway, watch the show and let me know what you think.

and here's a link to the rough demo if you fancy hearing mark sing it a bit slap dash.. haha
Out in California (demo) - Edison Gower

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