Monday, October 28, 2013


oh, for feck's sake.  what is this chicanery?  the day i buy a cabinet knob for $128 is the day i give you permission to check me into a mental facility. 

speaking of, i've gained a new idiom care of my adopted town/acquaintances.  i use it not sporadically.  "going to tuckers" or "they'll drive me to tuckers" is slang for "going to the mental hospital" i.e., going crazy (tuckers being a local facility).  i do like having a local institution one can refer to in such a manner.. it just seems more homey.  like bedlam in england, or sing sing prison in ny.  about once a week i tell my co-workers they're gonna have to visit me in tuckers.  on the plus side, i hear there's finger painting.

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