Monday, October 28, 2013

fox & skull

on saturday i took a little jaunt to a local park to get my photo on.  it was a lovely day and i found a perfect little bridge to pose with.  i've been wearing this gettup pretty much non-stop for two weekends.  i like to find something i love and run it into the ground.  i'm cool like that.

i'm like a girl ichabod, right?

coat: worthington | sweater: old navy | jeans: mossimo supply co.
shirt: ross | boots: mossimo supply co. | covered wagon necklace: modcloth | fringe purse: roxy

i got a little cute with the beauty shots.  a women came along after i had taken a few pics, parked her bike, and hung out for awhile.  i know i've said i'm not easily embarrassed, but nor do i like asking for side-eyes.  so while she looked out on the view i snuck some close-ups.  then there's the fun of going through the photos with instagram and coming out with something where you think, "hey, i don't look that bad there!" haha

and holy crap, that fox sweater from last fall is going for $199 on ebay?!  i paid $15 for it on sale.  i totally feel cool, you guys!  the boots, purse, and necklace are sold out too because i'm on the cutting edge of fashion.  little house on the prairie fashion.  

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