Sunday, June 16, 2013

home improvements

i love a good sale. and you can't get much more sale than 90%. i found a bunch of succulents on sale at, who'd have guessed it, cvs. i've been into succulents this spring, trying to bring a little life and color into the house. i did a display of some fake ones i picked up (that i did photograph and should probably put on here now that i've been blogging again), and i also did a few plantings of some little ones - of which two are, if not dead, on their last legs.  i also *finally* transplanted the aloes and jade i brought from california. i've pretty much ignored them - mark and i sporadically watering them - so i'm not sure how they survived. i guess they like being ignored.

anyway, here is a collage of the plants i picked up. all $3.57 worth of them.

i have them above my sink right now.  i was planning to create a couple of "garden style" pots, but they may stay up there for awhile.

in other news i am super sore.  i won't say i had a busy weekend, but it was productive.  the bath has needed recaulking since we moved in and i finally got the energy up to tackle it.  it helped that i got a coupon for lowe's in friday's mail.  so saturday morning i picked up the supplies (and some for grout touching up as well as cabinet painting - upcoming projects) and then after mark went to work i commenced the recaulking.  which was mostly scraping the old caulk off.  crouching, bending, stooping, balacing, grasping.  the caulking gun was a nightmare.  my everything hurts.  my thighs are still on fire when i move and my hands ache, among other things.  but it's done.. i won't say how well, but it's done.

and just because this is what one does when one is on a blog, a photo:

i clearly have some rust-removing to do, as well as the aforementioned regrouting touchups.  i don't even own this house, guys!  but ah, to have a nice tub in which to take my baths.  a mermaid needs her baths. 

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