Saturday, June 8, 2013

i wore some stuff

my first outfit post.  i am not really fashionable.  i don't "style" things, i put them on.  i frequently slap my hair up, throw on unwashed jeans and a tank, and head out for some arby's.  i used to try to be cute for shows when we lived in la, and i sort of had my own style then, but not too much anymore.  i don't go out that often, so i don't usually worry too much about what i'm wearing.  and even when i find something i like, i usually wear it in a simple, similar way every time.  i don't do mix and match every time.  every so often, though, i feel like putting something together, and this is the first time i'm documenting that in the standard blogging way.  unless i change my mind, which i am definitely apt to do, i will call these posts, "i wore some stuff."

i got this dress awhile ago at target (obviously, as i live there) but this was my first wearing.  when i first saw it i really liked the style, but wasn't sure if i liked the color/pattern enough.  i saw it on someone else later on and decided i wanted it, so i picked it up when it went on clearance.  plus, pockets!  anyway, i put it on to enjoy the sunny day last saturday, and decided to make an actual outfit.  and then to take photos.  you guys, i am really bad at this.. haha.  please excuse my wonk and bad poses.  i think my problem is i am just too gorgeous for the camera - 2d just can't take it all.  yeah, that's it.

and so...


jean shirt:  gap | dress:  xhilaration
ankle boots:  mossimo supply co.  |  tights:  xhilaration
anchor bracelet:  clementine  |  triangle earrings:  clementine
heart necklace:  jamaican souvenier  |  sunglasses:  target

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