Wednesday, August 6, 2014

organize this: nail polish

i finally did the deed and transferred all of my nail polishes into a more helpful storage solution.  i had them in a rectangular wire basket in my linen closet - which it was helpful to corral them in one place, only took me 30 years - but it just wasn't working out anymore. any time i wanted to find a particular shade i'd have to take it out and set it on the floor because sucker was hea-vy.  and then i'd have to remove about half of the bottles just to get to the ones on the bottom and i knew there was a better way, i just had to woman up and do the damn thing already.

over the door shoe organizer!  duh.  i'm sure at this point even dogs know this tip. i've meant to do this thing for a long time. years, even. but i'm a lazy sloth, so... and i even had the thing, doing its actual job, in my bedroom closet.  i couldn't find a cheap plastic one in my recent shopping experiences, so i threw all my shoes out of the holder (and onto my bedroom floor, is where they belong, right?) and got to work.

i have so many more nail polishes than i realized!  took me about 20 minutes or so to decide what colors go best together and how to arrange them on the holder, but i'm so glad i finally did this thing.  some people - who have seen my bedroom - might be surprised to learn that i actually like being super organized, but my laziness and disdain for extraneous movement gets in the way.  my traits battle each other and the latters are all too strong.  (seriously, i can't count the number of times i've bruised an arm hitting myself on a wall corner whilst taking said corner a little too tight in an attempt to walk one less step. it's not a conscious thing, but at least i have identified the cause.)  the point is instead of cleaning up, i pile and shove. but, if i can get my hands on a cheap *and easy* storage option, i will use it. as long as it takes less than 3 seconds to put whatever it is back wherever it belongs.

and now... please to look at a digital recording of my new nail polish sanctuary.

this one's kind of a lie in that i had to move this to the back of the guest room door because
this door wouldn't accommodate the hangover part of the contraption.
it was super fun moving it all loaded up, i tell you.

yes, a crap ton of these do have discount stickers on them, say whaaaaat? *raise the roof*
i even had colors i had forgotten about. and duplicates!  and way more greens than i realized, and i honestly would have said i didn't have more than two yellows.  in case anyone is wondering, i went clear, gold metalic, silver metalic, blacks & whites, to creams and light pinks to peachy, yellows, oranges and hot pinks to purples, greens, and blues.  some of the colors didn't quite fit in their respective assigned slots, but i'm confident that they will all learn to live together in harmony as nature intended.

thesis statement on this one?  if you've thought about doing this, do it. do it now. this one's a no-brainer.. two thumbs up, i highly recommend it.

now i just have to find somewhere for those shoes i displaced...

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