Tuesday, August 26, 2014

on the last day of summertime

i was going to attempt to tailor a shirt to a smaller size, but instead i decided to get on the internet, as one does.  i've been meaning to do a mini recap of my birthday for over a week now, but sloths don't do punctual.

my birthday was equal parts ok, nice, and suck.  nothing special, but at least i got to spend it with my favorite person.  we got up kind of late and *someone (*not me) took forEVER to get out the damn house. then my tire light came on and we had to take care of that and get food for said someone and then i had to go back to the house for my gold shoes (which i didn't even get to wear anyway) and so i stopped for a biscuit because i was going to have something good, damn it.

it even looked like bday cake!
it took forever to drive to the pool.  but i did finally get a photo of one of the most exciting road signs ever... well as the attraction it advertises!  whee!

we took the ferry back, intending to go to dinner in williamsburg, but my tire light came on again and long story short, i had a leak in my tire and had to fill it with goop and drive home. and spend $$ to get two new tires the next day (because i guess it's good to get them in pairs or whatever). 

i was hungry and cranky and fun was not had. i ended up like i always do, eating take out olive garden in front of the tv for my birthday dinner, which isn't so bad in the scheme of things, but i had been looking forward to the broadening of horizons.

so, birthday fest 2014 wasn't all that great.. i did enjoy the pool, for probably the last time this summer.  i guess i'm also kind of bummed that summer is ending.  i have done far more this summer than that the last several put together, and i'm proud and pleased looking back, but on the other hand i feel like i didn't get in as much as i wanted to.  i feel like i wasted some of it and now everyone is forward looking to fall and i'm over here in slo-mo going "noooooooo."  but i have to acknowledge that man, i did do a crap ton of fun things this summer compared with my normal self, so high-five to that and to the promise of another good one next year.

it's funny, i used to really dislike the summer as a kid.. it was usually really boring and just hot and smoggy.  we went to the beach year-round, so that wasn't anything special, and we didn't typically take a summer vacation or so all that much that we wouldn't have any other time of year.  mostly it was visiting my dad and then waiting for my birthday.  i used to long for fall to come put an end to the heat. (our lack of a.c. in the desert was probably a big factor.)  but i've really come to enjoy summer. everyone told me that the humidity would be terrible "back east" and it's not like i enjoy it or anything, but it's really not that bad.  and not once have i ever burned myself on my steering wheel getting into the car on a hot day, hashtag desert heat. i've come to really embrace my summer fire sign-ness and soak it all up and get all good and pruney in it.  so i guess this is pretty much my summer goodbye.  i'll feel it's technically over after labor day, so i have a little less than a week to get my last kicks in before i box it up and put it away until next year.  i'll try to welcome autumn with goodwill and open arms (which i used to love, and then i started to hate because i really started to hate winter, but i'm slowly coming back around), but it's not quite time yet, and people need to be patient and not rush the seasons onto everyone else because how can we enjoy what we have if we're always in a rush to get to what we don't..

but until then...

Last Day Of Summertime by Louis Eliot on Grooveshark

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