Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Birthday Fest 2014

happy birthday to me! almost. mark likes it when i give him easy access to my wishes via an amazon wish list, so i thought it would be fun to throw some of my requests on polyvore and pair them with fancy, high-priced versions.  the items i asked for are on the left, and the highfalutin versions are on the right.  (and will be in my possession should the money unicorn ever ring my doorbell.)

Birthday 2014
Click image for links (some of them are just photos of out of production items).

oh, i'm sorry, did you want actual details about my choosings instead of me just posting an image and going about my day?  you're in luck!

1. Tan Handbag with Lace Detail (Cato) vs. Tan Handbag with Lace Detail (Modcloth)
i went to cato for the first time on friday and saw this cute bag on clearance.. it's funny how i like purses, but i don't actually use most of mine. (or it's sad.  that works too.)

2. Turquoise Earrings (World Market) vs. Morganite Earrings (
world market has some pretty cute $5 earrings, and i haven't even taken advantage of that yet.. travesty!  the fancy one's are morganite, which i have a heart-on for. i've only ever seen it clear and sparkly, but these opaque versions are really pretty, and remind me of seashells and summer.

3. First Aid Kit Tote ( vs. Harajuku Lovers Mermaid Backpack (the internet, maybe)
i don't really need yet another tote, but i do like this one and i know i'd use it. (plus, picking stuff out for a wish list is hard, you guys!) the backpack is awesome and horrible all at once. (like me!) i'm in love with the G of the Sea design from a few years ago and i'm always keeping an eye out for pieces. (i have three so far, but i want it allll!)  this backpack is totally juvenile, but i'd wear the hell out of it on my forthcoming trip to disney world this fall.  fashionable and useful! (mark would be embarrassed to be seen with me though, so i guess it's a good thing this one is out of production.)

4. Little Northies - OPI Nordic Collection Mini Set (Ulta or Amazon) vs. Pacifica Nail Polishes (Pacifica)
again with the first aid kit.. so pretty much the only reason i want this is because it's nordic and i want to be a beautiful swedish girl folk singer sister.  (because buying this totally makes me one, right?)  i would also love to have every single nail polish from pacifica's newish collection.  i have three so far (totally coral, afterglow, and heart of gold), so that's already $27 off of the whole bill right there.

5. Harajuku Lovers Coin Purse (Ebay) vs. Fossil Key-per Weekender Bag (the internet, maybe)
this match-up doesn't makes as much sense as the others, but i really like both of them, and they are both things you can use when traveling. i'd put jewelry in the coin purse compartments, and the weekender bag could carry incidentals like books and i can't think of anything else to put in it for the life of me. ha. i'm sure i could fill it up with stuff though. unfortunately this one's not in production anymore either.

6. L'Aromarine Oceane Spray (Amazon?) vs. Pacifica Solid Perfume
i sampled the first perfume in an anthropologie and loved it, but didn't have funds for it at the time. i've been meaning to ask mark for it as a present at some point, but in looking for it to put on the list i found that apparently it's out of production or it's changed hands or something, i'm not exactly sure what that i found online is the same one, so don't take my word for it.  i have samplers of most of these solid pacifica perfumes, but the ones i really like smell so damn good i wouldn't kick having all of the big versions out of bed.

7. Bat Bangle Bracelet (Frosted Willow at Etsy) vs. Pearl and Morganite Bracelet (
i saw and coveted this cute bracelet on Kelsi at Brighter Sides. i feel kind of single white female putting it on my list, but i guess that is the price you pay for posting your fabulously adorned wrist parts on your blog.  (anyway, we're on opposite ends of america, so i don't have to worry about awkwardly running into her at the fish market  - that's where everyone in seattle hangs out, right?) the fancy verison bracelet is again an opaque morganite, this time with some pearl, and by far the most expensive item on the list.  i could easily pair it with the earrings, and the pearl really brings out the summery shell feel.

so that's it!  i hope you enjoyed my game of reality vs. fantasy.. this makes me want to do a next time and go all fantasy, and put on stuff like $90,000 backyard teepees out of the neiman marcus christmas book.  (although i might get too disgusted at all the ridiculousness, which would defeat the fun of living in my rich imagination.)  

as for my birthday... (in Carl Kasell's voice) well, if any of these gifts happen, reader, i'll tell you about it next time on Oh, Dinosaur!


  1. Yeah! The bat bracelet! That's not SWF at all, it makes me happy when people find stuff via my blog. I hope you get lots of this great stuff for your bday and have a happy one!