Sunday, February 9, 2014

what's in the purrrrrse?

you read that title in brad pitt's seven voice, right?  because that's pretty much all i hear when someone asks me anything starting with "what's in the.."  i promise i don't have any heads in here though.

i've seen these posts since the dawn of time/blogging, and never done one.  but i'm remedying that fact tonight, and i can just imagine the cheering from the blogosphere.  (sounds just like crickets! *grin*)

ya'll know i like to keep it real,so these are all the items in my purse at the moment. no fair leaving all the cute things and putting the tampons to the side.  so now, i give you... my purse.  live and unadulterated...

thar she blows!
so yeah. i have a dumb phone which i use on the regular (can't afford the data fees on an iphone), an iphone (for music/photos/apps/wifi uses), and an itouch (an old one for extra music).  iphone earbuds which i only just realized a couple of months ago that i can control my music from, and it is awesome.

i also have about 37 lip products (ok, only 11) which multiply like rabbits as i tend to clear them all out then put them back one by one as i'm going off to work on any particular day.

pacifica lotion, perfume roll-on and solid perfume in tuscan blood orange, because yum and this is my winter/cold scent. perhaps some sharp eyes will note the clearance sticker on the lotion because $2 at marshall's will not be denied.

coupon case, wallet, checkbook (rent) and pen, harajuku lovers mini notebook (for my lists and musings) and harajuku lovers mirror.  the mirror is reflecting my pink puffed dots pajama pants.  i'm comfy like a baby!

drugstore, including pills, emergency tampons (i like the instead softcup, for the record), hair clip.

odds and ends include a guitar pick (not sure why i have that or where it came from), a penny that fell out of my wallet, and a clear button.  which i think came off my pants and work and i've yet to put back on.   gum which i am addicted too, but oddly mostly only at work. i frustrate chew. trident layers is the bomb, as we used to say in my day. i like the cherry/lime the best but this candy cane one is good too.

it would have been cute if my aligning their bottoms had actually done that.

my one guilty pop culture pleasure.

oh, and the purse is by roxy.  i'll have to remember to do a post about the other lives i would have led if i'd had multiple chances.  one of them is surfer girl. (i might have made mark go with me and my mom on my 22nd birthday to see blue crush.)

your turn!  what's in your purse?  (and no fair editing!)

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