Saturday, March 22, 2014


wow, i've been m.i.a. for over a month? what have i been doing?  a whole lot of nothing much.. just workin' for the weekend and then sleeping in.  i bought some toilet paper today, so that was pretty exciting.  i think the weather has been keeping the man down, the man being me.  it's been harshing my mellow.

i did get a little time to chill outside today, and i relaxed, started reading Divergent (again), and took some photos of one of my favorite neighbors.  Shirley. Shirley the squirrel.

i know some people think they're tree rats, but i happen to love squirrels.  with their fuzzy little flicking tails, pouncing in the grass.  they're just so cute!  growing up in so cal, i didn't see a lot of squirrels.  actually, i don't think i saw any.  when i visited mark here for the first time in 2000, i couldn't get enough of them; i'd literally squee every time i saw them hopping around in his backyard.  one time i saw one running along a telephone wire and could hear a little cartoon "dinka dinka dink" in my head.

i've gotten pretty used to squirrels in my almost 8 years of living here, but i do enjoy my yard squirrels. since they all look identical i've nicknamed them all Shirley, and will call them as such as i walk to and from my car.  they like it, i can tell.  so here's some photos of Shirley for your enjoyment.

i might have thrown her some granola bits i had in my car.

i'm thinking those teats mean she has babies?  cute squirrel babies?

at one point she chased another squirrel up the tree and onto and over my roof. 
i am assuming the one that came back is the same Shirley.

Shirley checks out my porch.  Nothin much there, Shirley.

so cute!

also, and i cannot stress this enough, these are excellent:

peace out.

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