Sunday, February 2, 2014

world market "window" shopping

i saw some tasty jewelry at world market last week, and if i were a rich girl i'd have given my wallet a workout.  i don't think i'd ever fawned over the jewelry section there for quite as long.  i took one photo of something i liked, and then i ended up just keeping it out because i kept seeing more beautiful goodies.  i'm trying to save up and pay off at the moment, so i didn't get anything, but i was sorely tempted.

i love these wrap watches, and the spring sorbet colors.  they had a dark teal
one on clearance for half-price, but i just couldn't pull the trigger on that one.

this delicate linked ring is interesting.  but the only finger it fits on is (as ichie crane would say) "espoused to another."
and p.s. what can i use on my dry dry cuticles and dry finger tips???

if i'd bought anything it would probably have been this one.  i really like old brass patina, even if it's faked.

i just love coral and aqua/mint. i don't really have any chunky necklaces, but i could happily own any or all of these.

normally yellow would be my first choice, but this lemon drop-colored stone is just so pretty.
i make my own fun.

and now for a few extra-curricular photos:

this deer print scarf is dear. but i'd take out the stiff posable wire inside.

what a sweet bird ring or necklace holder.

i have a sort of love/scorn relationship with the mason jar popularity, but i do like this lamp base.

these tin containers were really reasonably priced (under $10?).  i would totally use these in the bathroom.

we don't have a bar (i drink liquor maybe up to 3 times a year, mark never, and have company about as often)
but i would totally use this deer head as kick-ass necklace display.

and for your convenience, i've linked to some of the above, or similar.

World Market Jewelry

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