Wednesday, April 11, 2012

free straight cash dollas

when i went to my eye doctor last month i expected a free contact lens exam - my provider's website said if i got contacts the exam was fully covered.  nope.  when i called, i found out that apparently fully covered means only 15% gets paid.  i told the guy on the phone that he might want to let someone know that people - even if they are as smart as me  - might be confused.  he said he'd pass it on.  then a few weeks later i got a letter saying they were going to give me monies - yay!  they followed with a check and i deposited it today.  hellooooo $60!  and now i'm going to pay my credit card.  goodbyeeeee $60! 

now i want some

forget that.  i'm going to pretend i spent it on something good.  a lot of the credit card bill is for stuff that is only memories now anyway.  i'll just "remember" what this $60 went toward.  like a nice dinner at the olive garden.  which, by the way, i don't call "the" olive garden.  is that it's proper name?  i'm not going to say it and they can't make me.  yeah, remember that time we spent $60 at olive garden?  mmmm, we got yummy dinners and like, 3 orders of calamari and that awesome lemon cream cake they have.  and we got it to go and watched 4 episodes of the douche (which is what we call "destination truth") and it was *oprah yell* DE-LI-CIOUS!!  we should totally do that more often.  i think the next time i pay my bills i'm going to make up fake memories for them all.  movies i might have seen, food i might have eaten, attractions i might have visited. 

when i was thinking about this in the shower it seemed a lot more amusing.  now it just seems sad.  haha..

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