Friday, April 20, 2012

i can't have nice things

i was so happy

i left my iphone at the office.  and i left my fob to get into the office in the office.  cos i'm awesome like that.

i *was* going to go to michael's to look at crafty things, and as i was driving, i thought, hey npr, i'm kind of tired of listening to your spring membership drive, i'd like to listen to some groovy tunes.  so i stuck my paw into my purse, scrabbled around, and came up empty.

 i realized that, crappily, i'd have to drive all the way back to the office.  *sigh*.

and then i was sad.  and angry.

at least the highway exit had an entrance.  a lot of them don't here.  (another good ole' virginie pet peeve.)

so i finally get to the office, and i go to grab my fob off my stick shift where i keep it and... no fob.  crappity crap.
  no fob means no rescue can take place.  i tried going upstairs and knocking on various office doors, but that didn't work.  i had kind of hoped the cleaners would be in, but they probably have to follow some sort of building law that they can't open the door for nefarious strangers. 

my poor iphone was literally 20 steps away and yet, it might as well have been in another dimension for all the good it did me.
now i am very sad and grumpy.

i tried calling my co-worker to see if she was in the area and i could bum her fob, but she didn't answer.  she was probably home anyway. 

so now i have no iphone for the weekend.  and, as there have been thefts in the office in the past, i may have no iphone at all.  it would be nice if you could clap and clap and keep tink alive and then she could fly to the office and magic a special invisible bubble around my friend to protect it from the nefarious strangers.


i hope you enjoyed my instagram photos from said adventure. 

 and in other news, i need to say some things.  first, mad men is boring.  i don't understand why people love the poop out of it.  i am 7 episodes in, so i think i've given it a fair shot.  second, if netflix keeps "senna" in the new releases section one more day, imma cut a butterbean.  actual new items should be going in there.  don't keep showing me the same thing for months at at ime. 

thank you, that is all.

oh, one more thing.  not that anyone is reading this, but i blogger templates are the hardest thing in the world to customize, and that means i have been editing this thing for days.  to come.  so... yeah.

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