Tuesday, April 10, 2012

easter parade

sunday dawned bright and early.  and i totally slept through it!  haha.. i stayed home from church because i'm a germaphobe, but i could have sworn i heard mark walking around upstairs when i woke up.  nope.  we have a easter ghost, apparently. (5/30/13 note: omg, it must have been jesus!)

come with me now on a photographical journey of my easter.

got some "torchwood" in while i made up and waited for mark.

when he got home, we went to pick up some arby's.  thems my big feet. 

i like to watch the chickens roast.

we got back home and i proceeded to prepare my salad for consumption.  i dropped my (thankfully closed) side of dressing and mark told me that i'm not an accident waiting to happen, i'm an accident that does happen.  (i'm very accident-prone.) 

and then this happened.  mark asked me to turn up the t.v. (we don't have a remote) and when i went to sit back down my skirt caught my salad bowl.  i cried crocodile tears like spilt milk and mark jumped up to go get me another salad.  whatta boy :)

salad take 2.

we headed down to "easter on parade" on monument ave.  got a great parking spot in front of this pretty church.

we specifically wanted to see the pet easter bonnet contest.  this is the pre-band.  look at us, celebrating easter right next to the robert e. lee statue.  go, confederacy.

that would be me.

and you know him.

i don't have any photos of the contest dogs because we were too far away.  this is just a big dog.

donkey at the petting "zoo" (which was like, a 15x15 fenced area).  right after i took this, this little girl came up with a handful of hay and threw it at the donkey's head.  the mom, leading the daughter away said, "what a good job, honey!  the donkey's going to love to eat that!"  way to congratulate your kid for doing a subpar job.  we can do anything!!

the crowd.  there's a big gap there, which was unusual.  both sides of the street were pretty much filled for blocks.

random flamingo-headed dude.

i'm not gonna lie, i love these puppets.  they are pretty much my favorite thing about the parade, excepting all the dogs.  i had a video, but since all i aimed at was the curtain, it's worthless.    the puppets sing "we are family" and "celebration" and more.

morris dancing.

paper umbrella with flowers.

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