Tuesday, August 20, 2013

sheer mint and vampire peen

i'm so glad i found this summery shimmery mermaid top on sale a couple of months ago.  (i know, i know - shut up about the mermaids already.  i'm sorry.  a little.)  coupled with my cute colored pony, i thought i would get in a few photos after work of one of the last times i'll probably wear this shirt this season.  oh, so sad. 

after taking these photos, i must have spent a good solid hour on the internet reading blogs and news.  what is it about sucking up information that i am addicted to?  i look up to see it's already almost 7 and half my evening is gone.  it's especially bad at night.  i swear, the closer it gets to bedtime, the faster i click.  Looking, looking for a "hit" of something interesting to satisfy my cravings before bed.  i've even clicked to check out facebook WHILE I'M ALREADY ON IT!  who does that?

the worst time-waster is looking at recaps or articles about shows i don't even watch, like "true blood" and "game of thrones."  i can't watch them because i don't have cable, but i don't even want to watch those shows.  for me personally, they are way too graphic and violent.  i can be a real light-weight when it comes to that stuff.  (i abhor horror movies.  the scariest/goriest i can do is like, "tremors." haha..)  i have watched clips on youtube and such and they turn my stomach in a sick fascinating way.  so when i see an article about what happened on last night's show, or a new plot twist, or whatever, what do i do instead of merrily clicking on my way?  i go down the internet rabbit hole looking at what other people have to say about this stuff that i can't even watch.  what the heck is that about?  is it because of my information addiction?  my need to know what other people are doing/talking about?  but did i really need to know the details of the red wedding?  why did i watch the clip of someone slitting another person's throat?  was that necessary to my person?  what do i get out of that? 

 it's almost like i'm pushing my own envelope, seeing how far i can go before i've crossed the line.  maybe in some way i feel inferior to everyone watching.  like i'm a big baby and can't handle what other people enjoy as entertainment.  so this is my way of "participating" even though i'm not really.  is that why i also read character backgrounds and google things like "what is a direwolf"?  

so many questions, but i haven't pinpointed the answer yet.  i'm not sure it's even necessary, i just find it confusing that i can spend so much time clicking on stuff that i'm wary of, yet curious about.  i guess that's human nature.  
blouse:  a.n.a.  |  jeans/sandals:  mossimo supply co.  | 
heart pendant:  target  |  earrings:  ashby  |  bracelet:  pier 1

i'm sure anyone reading this has also fallen under the spell of the interwebs at one time or another (or maybe nightly?)  anyone else look at stuff that has no relevance to your life whatsoever?  after looking at eric from "true blood"'s nearly non-existant peen, i ended up reading about funeral home scams and green burials.  what's the weirdest thing you've ever found yourself googling out of curiosity?

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